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Not a Good Time
Monday. 4.2.07 7:11 pm
Ah, I haven't updated in awhile. And I haven't made my layout yet. I'm just really slow with things. Especially when my computer is practically dead. *glares at computer* Right now I'm on my dad's laptop. My computer's going haywire on me and on that computer are all my programs and important things. Like, Photoshop, Lan Hua stuff, homework, and other graphics that I made in my spare time. I really don't want that to be all gone but it just isn't cooperating and always shuts down on me. It was cleaned up and rewritten last year but something happened and it hasn't been very nice. I might have to get a new computer, but knowing my dad, he'll probably say no.

So, not too long ago actually, I just heard about my brother. Well, first of all, he's the 3rd oldest of my siblings. (I'm 4th by the way, XD). He's in Ithaca, New York right now and turns out he's in the hospital. He was taking an exam but then he collapsed and they immediately took him to the hospital. Turns out his lungs or something gave out. The doctors says that it was mostly because he hasn't been eating much and because of all the all-nighters he's been pulling. I'm pretty worried about him since in personality wise, we're pretty alike. Well, not exactly, but he way we think is kinda. So, we're pretty close. But this hasn't been too good with my parents. Especially because alot of my relatives on my mom's side has been going to the hospital lately especially because of the recent bad winter weather and my grandma on my dad's side died only about last year. So a lot of bad things have been happening to my family. We had to sell one of our stores, Lucky Foods, because according to my dad some guy "stole our money" causing for us to sell it.

Well, I don't have much to say about this. I don't really anyone to tell this about since I'm not really the type of person to talk about my feelings to my closest friends. It'd just be kinda awkward since I'm the "strong" one of them. But you know what? I think...I'm gonna be okay.

Work hard. I guess. Right?

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